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Important note: various events will have translations (see event schedule). If you would like to use the translations, please bring your smart phone and a headset/earphones to access the translations. You will also be asked to download an app via which the translations will be provided. The download will not take long.

Where to find us: Check this COP28 site map - the hub is in the brown building number 88 near the exit to the Green Zone (on the right side of the map). The hub is on the 3rd floor of the building." If it is not too much work, it would be great if the map itself could be integrated as an image with a circle around the hub, highlighting that the hub is on the 3rd floor of that building.

In the schedule you will find the full overview of the exciting panel discussions, workshops, presentations, meetings and film screenings the hub will offer. In addition to that, make sure to stop by at the hub to check out great exhibitions in its foyer. We will also have a collection of materials and action gadgets such as stickers and pins available - come by and collect yours as long as they are still available.


The Civil Society Climate Justice Hub (CSCJ Hub) is a dedicated, unbranded space for Civil Society managed by Civil Society via different civil society constituencies and the COP28 Coalition within the Blue zone of COP28 to convene and organise, to speak and be heard in the everyday business of a COP environment, intending to mitigate in part the engrained inequities, and in doing so also enable impactful and meaningful engagement. Recognising that ordinary Civil Society groups, often under-resourced, will find it impossible to fund the purchase of pavilion space at the commercial rates being offered, this provides an attractive alternative. With this space we hope and expect the global climate justice movement to connect and grow, build and shape demands, maintain pressure for ambitious climate action and placing climate justice at the centre of the global climate discourse.

The CSCJ Hub aims to deliver:

  • Meeting spaces for convening, coordinating and organising, large and small groups

  • Stage space for speaking and presenting: informational events, roundtable discussions, debates, etc.

  • Learning space for workshops, creative activities, or simply work space

  • Gallery space for the platforming of people’s art

  • Social space for networking and for time to relax

  • Media space for communications and publicity

  • Space for care: to ensure safety, security and wellbeing

  • Space for digital mobilization and comms, and for members to take 1:1 interviews

We want the space to act as a bridge between the negotiation halls of COP28 and vulnerable communities and civil society organisations around the world that are unable to be present in person, in order to enrich the multilateral space with additional diversity and representation.

About the hub: Mission, values & operating principles


The Civil Society Climate Justice Hub (CSCJ Hub) is a collective collaborative space for global civil society climate actors attending the COP to connect and share experiences, imagine and shape narratives and solutions, formulate and strategise demands, connects the inside with the outside and coordinate activities around an ambitious inclusive and progressive climate action agenda that places climate justice at the center of the global climate discourse.


As hub organizers, we strive to exercise the following values in the creation, management, and operation of the hub:

  • Participatory collective ownership

  • Inclusive and respectful of all constituent members and space users prioritising their safety and security

  • Transparent, accountable, self-reflexive

  • Professional, mission-driven, outcome-oriented

  • Science-based, evidence-informed and knowledge inclusive, critical of framing

  • Innovative, proactive, strategic in approach

  • Truthful to message, uncompromising and ambitious in demands while being mindful of risks and context

Operating Principles of the hub organizers

Our values will shape the management and operation of the hub:

  • We will manage and operate the space collectively

  • We will strive to make decisions based on unanimous consent

  • We will run an anti-discrimination, harassment-free, anti-opression practice and space

  • We will make accessibility accommodations where materially possible

  • We will centre Global South, regional, and local actors and those most vulnerable groups

  • We will present reliable information that drives critical narrative and framing

  • We will acknowledge barriers and aim to recognise and capitalise on opportunities

  • We will minimise our carbon and environmental footprint as best we can

Sign-up form for events & activities

Your turn - tell us how you would like to use the space:

Request to host an activity at the hub

Civil society representatives are invited to submit requests for hosting an event via this form. All requests will be reviewed. Prioritization and selection of events will take place on the basis of the guiding principles for the hub.

Note: The deadline for proposals is 17 November. We will review incoming proposals and aim to get back to you with whether your event has been confirmed by 22 November latest. Should spaces still free up unexpectedly, we may still review applications past this date, but we strongly encourage you to submit your proposal ahead of the deadline to increase the chance of getting the space.