Global Fight to End Fossil Fuels

From September 15-17, people on every continent marched, rallied and took action for an end to the era of fossil fuels devastating our climate and worsening inequality.

From Pacific nations, heavily affected by sea level rise and storms, through Mumbai to Manila, London to Nairobi, over 700 actions took place in more than 65 countries, as well as Antarctica and the North Pole, culminating in a march in New York City on September 17th, in support of the UN Secretary General António Guterres’s call for nations to make ambitious commitments to phase out fossil fuels at the upcoming Climate Ambition Summit.

More than 3800 organizations endorsed the demands of the marches, which drew over 600 thousand participants around the world.

The Global Fight to End Fossil Fuels calls for nations to renew and enhance their commitments for a rapid, just, and equitable phaseout from fossil fuels in favor of sustainable renewables. The campaign opposes the fossil fuel industry, which has made obscene profits at the expense of the world’s people, biodiversity and a safe and liveable climate. It calls on governments and companies to immediately end fossil fuel expansion and subsidies.

The global movement for a safe and liveable climate is more diverse and united than ever before, underscoring the urgency of this historic moment and the havoc wrought by record-breaking heat, massive wildfires, deadly floods, and increased extreme weather events. The scientific consensus holds that we cannot postpone a rapid and equitable transition to sustainable renewable energy sources and must end our dependence on fossil fuels. Any new fossil fuel extraction is incompatible with global commitments to limit warming to under 1.5°C.

The global mobilisation reiterated the demand for climate justice: nations with a historical legacy of pollution must lead the implementation of a fast and fair phase out of fossil fuels and fund it globally. An equitable transition must respect nature and the sovereign rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. (From 17 Sept 2023 Press Release)