Campaign Details and Toolkit

Background and Rationale

People and communities all over the world are experiencing the horrific conditions of multiple crises on top of long-standing injustices, inequalities and oppression.

The climate crisis is causing extreme weather events and disrupting ecosystems around the world. Those already suffering impoverishment, discrimination and exploitation are the most vulnerable to this crisis, and have the least access to necessary resources to deal with its impacts. The climate crisis is also exacerbating other crises - furthering impoverishment and deepening inequalities.

Millions of people have lost lives, homes, jobs and livelihoods. Billions are facing food and water scarcity, health risks, and unrelenting climate-induced loss and damage.

COP28 provides a critical opportunity to escalate our fight for climate justice and system change, and raise long-standing demands for real solutions. In these next weeks leading up to and during COP28 we will together mount a counter-offensive to expose the failures and maneuvers of governments, corporations and elites to evade their responsibilities and obligations, and compel them to advance towards real solutions and system change.

We shall also address critical global issues that are deeply connected to our fight for climate justice, foremost of which is the escalation of violent, lethal, indiscriminate attacks of Israel against the People of Palestine in wanton disregard of international law and basic human rights, and with the support and complicity of many governments of the Global North. These very same governments are also the ones primarily responsible for the climate crisis and standing in the way of real solutions.

December 9 will be the high point of this period – on this day we will hold coordinated actions globally and at the COP venue to raise our demands. Let us call on all citizens, communities, movements, people’s organizations, workers and civil society networks around the globe to come together for escalated actions for system change!


  • Weave and amplify the calls and demands of climate justice movements and sectors into a coherent narrative of struggle and unity;

  • Demonstrate the strength and determination of the global climate justice movement ;

  • Continue building momentum in the global escalation effort Expose failures and schemes and generate intense pressure vs governments, corporations, and other institutions the COP28 climate negotiations

  • Attract new people and forces into our movements for climate justice Use the opportunity to reiterate our solidarity with the People of Palestine

Main Calls & Demands from the COP 28 Coalition Call to Action

  1. Immediate ceasefire, a stop to the blockade and occupation of Palestine, and the end to apartheid and colonialism.

  2. Rapid, just and equitable phaseout of all fossil fuels, including exploration, extraction, transportation, production and consumption, and a direct, rapid, equitable and just transition to democratic, renewable energy systems for people and communities that builds energy sovereignty;

  3. Fulfillment of obligations to deliver adequate, new, additional, non-debt creating, conditionality-free climate finance for mitigation and just transition, adaptation and Loss and Damage as part of Reparation;

  4. Cancelation of unsustainable and illegitimate debt being collected from the Global South;

  5. Immediate end to greenwashing and false, harmful and unproven "solutions" which serve as dangerous and deceptive distractions including geoengineering, carbon capture and storage technologies, and carbon markets;

  6. Building of just, resilient and sustainable food systems; upholding and protecting people’s right to food and food sovereignty.

  7. Respect for and protection of human rights - of civil and political rights, of economic, environmental, social and cultural rights including the right to public services and social protection for all, the right to clean, health and sustainable environment, the rights of all workers including migrant workers, the rights of peasants and fishers, the rights of women, the right to gender diversity, the rights of black, indigenous and people of color, the rights of youth and children;

  8. The fulfillment of gender justice as an integral part of climate justice; Advance on gender-equality and care economies that prioritize well-being, care and authentic education over profit and address ongoing economic disparities and social injustices resulting from colonia, capitalist and patriarchal legacies where socially constructed roles and sectors prevail;

  9. Defund and divest from the destructive and heavily polluting military industrial complex; and divest from police- and military-reliant climate policy, and invest in climate emergency care; 10. Equitable and just transition from a capitalist and extractivist economic system to post-carbon local, national and global economic systems that are inclusive, sustainable, democratic and uphold all human and labor rights.

How to participate

Your organization may hold its own actions or join up with others in your community, town, city, school, workplace.

To help us share information and amplify your planned action on December 9, please fill-up this form:

How to participate

Please reach out to our animators/coordinators for the GDOA:

Nicolas Haeringer, (, Stephanie Brancaforte, Global Fight to End Fossil Fuels (

For Asia:
Malou Tabios ( and Chadli Sadorra (, Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development

For Africa:
Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan, Climate Action Network - International (

For UK: Angus O’Brien, War on Want (

For North America:
Ben Goloff, Center for Biological Diversity (

For Latin America:
Eduardo Giesen, Demand Climate Justice (

Download the full toolkit here